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We are devoted to birds and bird care!


Devoted to Birds and to Bird Care

Mike, Becky, Mickey and Jodie bring decades of bird care expertise to our work at Parrot Adventure. As prior owners of 10 fabulous Pet Stores that specialized in birds, to the largest aviary in Wisconsin, to weekly hands-on events at bird fairs and in pet stores throughout the Upper Midwest; we have strived to become a trusted resource for bird care. The birds we sell come from some of the best aviaries in America. We both hand feed baby and train adult birds - offering an exclusive, written, 90-Day Personality / Exchange Guarantee for the birds we sell. "If you don't love your bird, we will exchange it, as long as it has received proper cage and attention."

Come visit one of our events, ask questions, learn about birds - and maybe even discover a new best friend!

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